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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> headlines this hour. a military coup in thailand. it army chief calls necessary after six months of political deadlock and protests. of political deadlock and protests. two car bombs go off in china and 30 people -- over 30 people are killed. in the u.s., a girl is reunited with her family 10 years after her mother'sy
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ex-boyfriend. also coming up this hour, for many festivalgoers that -- at ca nnes, once the screens go dark, the real fun is just beginning. find out how to get by the bouncers for the hottest parties on the french riviera. and the netherlands become the first two nations to vote in the european parliament election, find out why they are turning more against the eu. first to thailand ready army has announced it is taking control of the government there after previously saying its imposition of martial law two days ago was nota coup. been rocked by months of antigovernment
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protests and the dismissal of the last prime minister, yingluck shinawatra. we have more from bangkok. >> the army, which was overseeing these important meetings officially announced they have taken full control of the country. this is a full coup d'état, as they say. people what many expected was going to happen when on tuesday they imposed martial law. we know that leaders of the protest movements, the red shirt and yellow shirts have been detained by the military and taken to the first army division headquarters nearby. the military commander and army chief has called on people to carry on as normal. they say this is in the interest of national security. they have a short foreign governments and interests in the country that they will do nothing to harm those interests. clearly this is a massive blow to the country and the reputation of the country. this is the 12th successful coup the country has seen in the last
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80 years and the second in just several years. thailand is under the control of the military completely. >> the thai army chief has said that who -- the coup is meant to restore stability after this deadlock. what can be done to get the stability this army chief is promising? >> if you speak to most observers here, definitely not a military coup. if you look back to 2006, they were trying to defeat the rivalries between the and who wasforces ousted. all parties connected to him have won election since 2001.the the coup will not solve problems but it will put control back into the hands of the military and the elite forces, as many people see it. we expect to see a big reaction
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from the pro-government redshirts, who have sworn to take up arms if necessary to have the rights to elections. this paints a very bleak picture of the future of the country at the moment. military rule seems to have been seen again as a quick fix, but solving the deeper divisions -- it is unclear and very difficult to see whether this move will be able to do that in any way. --i ismail wolf wolff reporting. .> china two cars set off a series of blasts in the region's capital. no confirmation of responsibility, but it has already been blamed on radical separatist muslims who are trying to overthrow chinese rule in the region. our beijing correspondent joins us for more on this. what other details do we have on this attack? hearing isst we are
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that an explosive device has been found at the train station nexte province next -- the province. we do know the train station was shut down for about an hour and is now back open. attack,s this morning's it is difficult to get a clear picture of what happened because foreign media aren't allowed to travel to that region. people have been killed, more than 90 injured in the attack. two vehicles approached a busy marketplace about an hour after sunrise from different. one vehicle plowed into a group of people. the other fight -- vehicle either exploded or through bombs -- threw bombs out of the vehicle. this is the latest in a series of attacks on the region. on march 1, an attack on a train station killed --
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another attack happened just one day after the president visited the region. a week later, a knife attack killed another three people. it seems as though these violent attacks are escalating. china's response been so far to this increase in attacks, reportedly from the uighurs? >> as you can imagine, the chinese president is saying a swift and -- they have tightened security controls and are promising severe judgment for those responsible. china blames it on militants from the shin jong region. they have a long history of tension between the han chinese, china's most dominant ethnic group, and the indigenous uighurs. they appear to be escalating in recent months. the most recent and worst attack rioting when -- during
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between uighurs and han chinese. >> thank you for that report from beijing. europe's of some of 380 million voters are going to the polls today. nations are said to elect hundreds of parliamentarians between now and sunday. today britain and the netherlands open the vote. both of them could see the winds from far right, anti-europe from far- see big wins right, anti-europe parties. >> cutting up the european flag and potentially the 28-member bloc as well. ony hope to capitalize rising sentiment against austerity and immigration. >> in many countries from france to the united kingdom to other countries in europe, eurosceptic
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parties will, i hope and i am confident about, will make a major win. some opinion polls suggest the freedom party could become the largest dutch faction after the elections. the party forced an anti-eu alliance with france's far right national front, the two parties pledging to destroy brussels' control on -- the national front is already a line with other key eurosceptic parties in countries such as belgium and austria, but the leading candidates to become european commission president have already said there will not work with them. >> they have no solutions. propose a solution. >> the biggest far right winger could be the u.k. independent party, already with 15 seats in the european parliament am of the head of the conservatives and majors in opinion polls him
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about its leader has refused to join the national front's block, saying the party is anti-semitic. right parties are hoping to make a strong showing at the elections. let's go to london where our correspondent has more on voting today in britain. for 46s decision time million u.k. voters across the land. mps will need to choose 73 73 mep's.t people -- we'll be watching closely who wins the election. sunday othern official results. the polls tonight are busy with going to express their particular desire for one candidate or another. what we are expecting is a win
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ukip, the united kingdom integration party. the latest polls put ukip ahead. that will be historical. he wanted an earthquake in british politics. it looks like he may deliver one. the second position would be won by the labour party, the opposition party, with 26%. then the conservatives would come here that would be historic , if that was the case. as for the junior coalition partners, they would only get 9%, coming in fifth position behind the green. a lot of pressure on the national leaders, whether it is prime minister david cameron, opposition leader ed miliband, also the deputy prime minister nikolay -- nick clegg.
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11:00 p.m.t after london time -- >> as european countries go to members ofo elect the european parliament, talks are continuing in the united states on what could have -- be one of the biggest free-trade deals in history. the transatlantic trade deal will be one of the first issues the new parliament will face him about the many controversial issues under discussion are being used as political capital by eurosceptics. has become a political football in the european election campaign, this video from france's left front party claims the free trade deal between the ae you and the u.s. they could be buying chicken that has been washed in chlorine, a practice common in the united states, but not in europe. agriculture is one of the
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toughest sectors involved in the talks. it has led to claims that the european market will be flooded with products that don't meet stringent eu safety standards. >> when they say there won't be any form own treated beef imported, you must trust him. to allow investors to sue private government if they feel local laws threaten their investment. it is a mechanism that could allow big oil companies to challenge france's ban on fracking. >> this could be a deal with global indications. the european union and united states trade good and services -- goods and services of 2 billion euros. negotiators say a successful deal could bring an economic boost worth 120 billion to the european union and 95 billion to
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the united states. critics say the figures are exaggerated and unlikely to be seen in practice. >> the talks have been criticized for being too secretive. the members will have to approve it before it comes into force. california am aware a woman who disappoint as a teenager -- disappeared as a teenager a decade ago has been reunited with her family. she went to the police and told them her mother's ex-boyfriend had kidnapped her 10 years ago and had been abusing her ever since. the man has been arrested. we have details. >> neighbors described the normal and happy couple who enjoyed hosting parties at their apartment in bell gardens. thethe wife may have been victim. the 41-year-old allegedly kidnapped his ex-girlfriend's
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daughter and held her captive for nearly a decade. the girl, whose name has not been released, was 15 at the time and had just entered the country illegally. >> she gets here in february. this happens to her just months later. her family does not look for her. she has nowhere to go. she does not speak english. my understanding is there was continued and repeated sexual assault. she tried to escape. he beat her for her efforts. >> garcia kept her locked up at the beginning. he later gave her a fake identity and said she would be deported if she tried contacting her family. in 2007 he forced her to marry him and fathered her child five years later. this case comes just over a year after three women were rescued in a cleveland home. their captor, ariel castro had held them captive and abused them for over a decade. >> back to france where the
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french director of the oscar-winning silent film, "the artist" filmed his -- screen his latest movie on thursday. sharon stone and others were among the stars on the red carpet. the film was not warmly received. the chechen war drama got a few boos from the press. the festival turns to a canadian director's film. and ken loach is screaming his latest. -- d screening his latest together to exchange ideas, to have fun, to dance and sing, to learn. to become political, to understand the world they lived in, and it was suppressed by an alliance of the catholic church, which wanted to control
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education, and by the men of property, who felt under threat for these put -- from these political ideas. >> for the latest on the festival, check out "france ---- check out france2 in thailand a military coup d'état is underway. it army chief calls necessary to restore order after six months of political deadlock and unrest. >> two car bombs have gone off troubled region. over 30 were killed in the worst violence in the region in years. a woman who disappeared as a teenager is reunited with her family after being taken 10 years ago by her mother's ex-boyfriend. you are watching "france 24." time to take a look at what weekly news magazines have been
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saying around the world. withve nicholas rushworth us. lots of focus on the european parliamentary election. this right-wing magazine. it has had an interview with nicolas sarkozy, the former president, who has been outlining his vision of europe more globally. you can see the headline. either french people choose europe, choose the eu and stick with it, or you will face a decline in your national life. there is a tendency towards a ,ringe party, towards far right and of course the euro eurosceptics. the open borders agreement could be revised so that it is a better, unified, coordinated policy on immigration. he said the european parliament itself should have greater powers.
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he said there should be a massive franco german economic block that should be the powerhouse and the motor of europe. of course he is saying, what we need is a bit of leadership in course.himself, of he is getting the attention this week. >> there has been a lot of focus on the rise of these anti-europe -- eurosceptic parties across the country -- continent. tell us more about what the papers had to say about that. >> let's look at this paper. it looks each week at various publications it likes around the world. the front cover there is saying populace on the attack. the far right groups. you can see in that cartoon -- you have the far right national front. you have the freedom party in the netherlands. we have a very squiggly figure, nigel. we have italy.
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there are far right movements in several countries, hungary, germany, autry a -- austria, greece. the magazine gives full coverage of the various magazines around europe for but the message do you want to turn to these fringe parties when it will ultimately be the mainstream parties that deal with the issues of the economy, of jobs and immigration and those things? get real, go back to the main party seems to be their message. at cuba'se looking revolutionary leader, fidel castro. >> this is a fascinating piece, the front page. fidel castro. a is arguing that he is not sort of puritan revolutionary stuck away in his fisherman's hut. of his life in luxury. this is to do with a book that
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has come out about the secret life of fidel castro. it is from someone who used to be a bodyguard to castro and was later disgraced. he had mistresses, illegitimate children, a luxury off him a access to 20 beautiful homes, and also a private island. this week is to look into the inner life of fidel castro. >> there is another strongman on this cover, laurent about bo -- laurent gbagbo. >> he is the former ivory coast president who rejected alassane 's victory. there was a massive standoff which ended with the u.n. and french under meaning -- french intervening. the international court is due to decide on the verdict for him in terms of crimes against
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humanity charges. why are they going with this this week? asre is a whole movement, we've seen with nigeria, to bring back -- the bring back our girls campaign -- we know well of that campaign to bring back the of the dead girls, but there is also #brin gbackourgbagbo, which is his supporters saying they want him back. >> let's come back again to -- ce with one magazine says the french aren't getting enough sleep. i think i can relate. >> me, too. -- whene, this is to do you read it, it is a very long piece, about 20 pages. it is saying that modern life is interfering with going to bed,
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our mobiles, texting in the middle of the night, too much street lighting. that affects bedrooms. we've lost the art of making the bed for ourselves. that 70% ofcs are people who have insomnia are on sleeping pills and a huge number of french people, an increasing number have got insomnia, have got an example from a guy here in paris. he says, i've got two kids and ailing parents and i cannot cope . there are several examples. one of the actual suggestions in the magazine as well, let's have some training, let's learn how to sleep again. >> thank you so much for that. time for sports on "france 24." it starts with the latest in football. >> the former player will not be the next coach. media speculation has grown all week.
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on wednesday, the club president announced that he decided to stay in real madrid as an assistant. barcelona's new coach has promised to build a new and exciting team at the new camp. the midfielder who signed the deal did not have happy memories of managing roma. he says that the new job is a dream come true. >> it is true that i never thought or planned to become barcelona's coach. i will tell you why. it is because i think this is such a beautiful thing -- if you think about it too much, it won't come true. today is such a great day. very special. i believe this is the point where we start to build a new e.rcella -- barc
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catalano.for the he cannot wait to work with leonel messi. -- lionel messi. is necessary to the group. i believe him to be the same. i hope that with me as a coach he will still be able to continue the way he has been going and to give the best he can. if he doesn't, we will try to fight as hard as possible to find a way. that is true for the other players. the bgained also managed team for three years. he is sitting pretty now in the main hotseat. have won the under 17 european champions league final. chelsea was dominant.
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the netherlands leveled on the stroke of half-time. it was a sublime pass. it was finished well with the half volley. scorers's two goal would finish as the tournament's joint top scorers. it was a dreaded penalty shootout. he missed his spot kick against the england goalkeeper. the defender scored the final penalty kick to win the shootout 4-1. it is the second time england have lifted the title. with the french open just days away, the third seed cruised into the quarterfinals in düsseldorf. the openingthrough set against mannarino, who had
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won there only previous match -- won their only previous match. seppi took it andw?q?q?q?q?q?ggc
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